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Desire2Learn Analytics is a supplementary data mining and reporting service available for the Desire2Learn Learning Suite. Analytics is available for hosted clients and an Analytics data warehousing solution is available for self-hosted clients. Contact your Desire2Learn Account Manager to arrange an Analytics solution for your institution.

Desire2Learn Analytics provides a rich, web-based interface for viewing, creating, and manipulating reporting data. With the ability to capture data from multiple components of your instance, Analytics provides enhanced insight into how users employ your eLearning Suite. While the Desire2Learn Reporting tool is contained in and records data specific to your Learning Environment, Analytics aggregates data on usage and runs reports from a separate Analytics environment. Therefore, running reports in Analytics does not affect the performance of your hosted Learning Environment.

Analytics is useful for administrators, steering committees, information technology personnel, system auditors, financial analysts, instructors, and student success counsellors (among others) who want to make informed organizational (and cross-organizational) decisions without purchasing expensive business intelligence software or hiring a team of business intelligence and database analysts. For example, you can use Analytics to monitor the success of your students and the success of the educational components. You can also use Analytics to analyze usage, enrollments and withdrawals across organizations, departments or courses, and then share the information with interested stakeholders.

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