Embedding a CaptureCastâ„¢ presentation into course content

You can embed your CaptureCast presentations into course content using the Insert Stuff function in the HTML Editor.

Embed a CaptureCast presention into course content

  1. From the course homepage, click Content in the navigation bar.
  2. Click New Topic. For more information, see Creating new modules and Creating new topics.
  3. Click Create New File on the New Topic page.
  4. On the Create New File page, select a Parent Module from the drop-down menu. Choose a Title and File Name.
  5. In Content, click the Insert Stuff icon in the tool bar of the HTML Editor.
  6. Click the Capture icon. On the Capture page, click Search to find all CaptureCast presentations you can embed into your course.
  7. Select your presentation, and click Next.
  8. Click Insert.
  9. Click Save to save changes to your topic, or Save and New to save changes and immediately create a new one.

Note  If you don't see your CaptureCast presentation in the list of presentations available to be embedded in a course, contact your administrator.

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