About Calendar

The Calendar tool allows you to arrange and visualize your course events in multiple views and enables integration of course content and your Calendar.

You can use iCal to synchronize the Calendar tool to your personal calendars (such as Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).

There are two different types of events in the Calendar tool:

Interface overview

Calendar is comprised of four interface elements: the calendar management panel, calendar views area, calendar content area, and Task pane.

Calendar user interface

The calendar management area contains tools for customizing how calendar content appears. From this area, you can:

The calendar views enable you to toggle between different display layouts for events in the calendar content area. Use the Agenda view to group your course events by Date, Course, or Type - events display in chronological order, and all-day events display at the top of each grouped listing. Use the List view to filter your events by Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Surveys, Readings, and Classes/Units. The List view also enables you to make bulk changes to dates and visibility.

Use the Task pane to create and maintain personal task lists.

Access the Calendar tool

Do one of the following:

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