About Content

The Content tool is used to organize course materials, such as the syllabus, lecture notes, readings, etc.

The Content tool enables you to create, edit, organize, and delete modules and topics in your course. Using the Content tool you can:

Navigating course content

Use Content icons to:

Icons for navigating course content

Access the Content tool

Click the Content link on your course navigation bar.


As of 8.4 you can no longer right click on topics to open them in a new window or tab.

If a specific learning path has been defined for your course, some content areas may only be available once you complete prerequisite sections or assignments.

You can use WMA and WMV files for topics, but they're not recommended, as users who access them through Firefox require a plug-in for them, and the plug-in does not guarantee the file plays for them.  You can download the plug-in here: http://port25.technet.com/pages/windows-media-player-firefox-plugin-download.aspx

Content help topics



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