Creating a news item

Create a news item

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the New News Item icon at the top of the News widget.
    • Click New Item in the News tool.
  2. Enter the news headline in the Headline field.
  3. Enter the news content in the Content field.
  4. If you want to hide your headline's date and time clear Always Show Start Date. By default, a news item's start date and time appears below its headline when displayed in the News widget.
  5. Select the posting availability date in the Start Date and End Date drop-down lists or by clicking their Select Date icons. News items are published immediately unless you specify an alternate start date from the Start Date drop-down list.
  6. You can make News remove an item on a specific date by selecting the check box Remove news item based on end date. You and administrators can still see the news item after its end date, but it will not appear in the News widget.
  7. You can include attachments and audio recordings as part of your news item:
    • To add an attachment, click Add a File in the Attachments section.
    • To record audio, click the Record Audio in the Attachments section. Click Flash Settings to make adjustments to your microphone selection and volume. Click Play to listen to your recording. Click Clear to erase your recording.
  8. Click Attach Existing or Create and Attach to include additional release conditions. See About Release Conditions to learn about creating and setting up release conditions.
  9. Click Save as Draft to continue editing the news item (students cannot see draft news items), or click Publish to release news item to users. Click Schedule to publish a news item with a future release date.

    Note  News items with a future publish date are listed on the News page with a Scheduled status.

Creating a news item for a future date

If you set a news item's start date as a future, the posting is not visible to users until that date.

Example  If you want a news item to appear on Monday morning, specify a start date of Monday at 9:00am.

Note  Post-dated news items are not displayed in the News widget even if users have permission to see future news items. They can be found within the list of news items on the News page.

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