Viewing LOR Event Logs

LOR Event Logs enable you to view information on a specific activity for a single learning object or asset. You can choose the information to include in the log. Event logs record the usage of the learning object or asset. For example, event logs record the number of people who have searched it, viewed it, linked to it, etc. You can use this to decide if you want to incorporate the learning object or asset into your content.

Note  This information is available through the reporting tool.

The log records:

View the Event Log

  1. Search for the learning object or asset whose event log you want to view.
  2. Click the View Details icon.
  3. Click the Event Log tab.
  4. To view all the event logs relating to the learning object or asset, leave the Search For field blank.
  5. Use the Show Search Options link to limit your search to particular events.
  6. Click Search.

Note  You can change the sort order of the results by clicking on the column headers.

Change the columns that are displayed in the event log

  1. Click the Display Options link on the Event Log tab.
  2. Select the columns you want, or clear those you don’t.
  3. Click Save.

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