Overwriting learning objects and assets

The process of overwriting replaces, but does not delete, an existing learning object or asset in a repository. In effect, overwriting creates a new version of the learning object or asset.

The new object must have the same structure as the object it replaces. You can overwrite one module with another module, but you cannot overwrite a topic with a module. Desire2Learn recommends that you only overwrite an asset or a topic with a file of the same type (e.g., image, shockwave, etc.).

The new object appears in all searches. The overwritten object no longer appears in searches. All existing dynamic links point to the new object. However, locked links continue to point to the old object.

Caution  Do not overwrite a learning object or asset with a link to itself, as this may result in a circular reference.

Examples of structure matches and structure mismatches for overwriting 

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