Publishing learning assets from course files

Instead of publishing a learning object and all of its associated files, you might want to publish a single asset (e.g., a graphic) from a course that would be useful to multiple users or departments. Publishing an asset such as an HTML file will also publish all of the assets to which it links (e.g., images, media files, etc).

Publish an asset (file)

  1. From the course containing the file you want to publish, do one of the following:
    • Click Edit Course on the navbar, then click Manage Files.
    • In the Course Administration widget on the course homepage, click Manage Files.
  2. Select the file you want to publish and click Publish to LOR in the context menu.
  3. Choose the destination repository and whether you'll overwrite an existing object or create a new one. You can publish large files or packages in the background, which enables you to leave the page while the system publishes. You can check the publishing job's status later.
  4. Choose options for whether the object will be visible and/or publicly available.
    • Only you and users with sufficient permission can view hidden learning objects and assets.
    • You can change this option once the object/asset is published to the LOR.
    • Publicly available objects are available to users without an ID and password to Learning Environment
  5. Select the Creative Commons rights you want to associate with the learning object/asset. Creative Commons licensing enables you to retain copyright on your work while allowing different degrees of reuse to other users. For more information go to
  6. To add, edit, or delete metadata, click the Edit Metadata icon for the file. For information on adding metadata, see Adding metadata to a resource manually.

    Note  Associating a creative commons license automatically  populates the metadata rights fields with this information.

  7. Review Publication Settings. To add more files, click Add Files.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter metadata, if adding metadata has been enforced by your organization.
  10. Select a thumbnail image of the learning object if the learning object is an image file or contains an image file.
  11. Click Publish.

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