Retrieving a learning object into a quiz or a question library

When you want to retrieve a learning object as a quiz, quiz section, or question from an LOR you must start in the course that you want the quiz, quiz section, or question to exist in.

  1. Start from one of the following locations:
    • On the Quiz List page, click the Add Learning Object button
    • In the Question Library, click the Import button, and then select Learning Object Repository as your Import Source
    • Click LOR in the navbar
    • Click Search in the LOR widget
  2. Perform a search to find the learning object you want.
  3. Select the learning object you want.
  4. Click the Retrieve button.
  5. Click the appropriate link to:
    • Import the object as a new quiz
    • Import the object into the Question Library
    • Download the object to your desktop

      Note The object you download to your desktop is wrapped in a QTI package. This enables you to use it in other applications supporting QTI imports.

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