Downloading and printing content

You can print and download individual topics or whole modules through the Print/Download page. Depending on your permissions, you may not be able to download content.

Download or print content

  1. Click Content on the navbar to access the Manage Content page.
  2. Click View Content.
  3. Click Print/Download in the top tool menu.
  4. Select the topics or modules you want work with.
  5. Do one of the following:
    Option Procedure
    Print the selected items
    1. Click the Print icon.
    2. Click the Print button.
    Download the selected items
    1. Click the Download icon.
    2. Click the link in the Download Selected Items pop-up.

Note  If a topic contains a Microsoft PowerPoint file that was saved as an HTML file, that topic generates an error for download and does not print.


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