Composing (creating) emails

Compose an email

  1. From the Message List page, click Compose on the top tool menu.
  2. Type the recipient’s email address in the To field. Click the Address Book icon at the top of the page to locate an address from your Address Book.
  3. Type a brief description of your email in the Subject line.
  4. Type your message in the large text box.
  5. Click the Spell Checker icon to check for misspellings.
  6. Click Send.

Add an attachment to your email

  1. From the Compose New Message page, create a new email as usual.
  2. In the Attachments section, click Browse and select the file you want to attach.
  3. Click Add.


If you add an attachment and want to delete it before sending, click the Remove link beside the attachment.

The following file types cannot be added to or downloaded from email messages in Learning Environment: .asp, .aspx, .exe, .bat, .dll, .com, .asa, .asax, .ascx, .asmx, .axd, .cdx, .cer, .config, .idc, .cs, .csproj, .java, .jsl, .licx, .rem, .resources, .resx, .shtm, .shtml, .stm, .vb, .vbproj, .vjsproj, .vsdisco, .webinfo, .ini.

The size of the attachments you are able to send is determined by your organization. You will receive a warning message if your attachment is larger than the allowable size.

Compose Message options

Option Description

Address Book

Click the Address Book icon to open, in a pop-up, an address book containing your contacts. Use the Address Book to quickly fill in the To, Cc and Bcc fields. See Using your Email Address Book for information on how to use this feature.

To, Cc, Bcc

You can also send messages to contacts by directly entering their addresses into these fields.


Specify a subject line in this field.


Set the priority for this message as Low, Normal (default setting), or High. This priority setting will appear next to your message in the receiver's Message List.


Enter your message into this area.

Spell Check

Click the Spell Check icon to check your message for misspellings.


Click the Preview icon to have a look at your message before sending it.


Browse for and add attachments to your message. Use the Add button to add multiple attachments.


Click Cancel to cancel the message you are composing. (Not applicable to Send-Only configurations.)

Save as Draft

Click Save as Draft to save the message you are composing (with any attachments) to the Drafts folder without sending it. (Desire2Learn Email only.)


After composing your email and adding any attachments. Click Send to send it. A message will display either confirming that your message has been sent or letting you know the message could not be sent.


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