Adding resources

As a moderator you can add resources to a room for use in a session. Resources are added to the Presentation explorer, where they can be made available for viewing and editing in the Canvas.

Add a resource

  1. Click the New Resource icon on the Presentation explorer tool bar.
  2. Select a resource type from the following options:
    • New Canvas  Creates a blank canvas.
    • New File Resource Uploads a file such as an image, MS Word document, Power Point presentation or HTML file.
    • New Quicklink Resource Creates a link to content in Learning Environment or another resource.
    • New Web Resource Uses an integrated Web browser to link to and navigate an internet web page.

Create a new canvas

Enter a Name for your canvas, and click OK.

Create a new file resource

  1. From the New File Resources pop-up, enter a name in the Resource Name field.
  2. Click either Select File (to select a file that has already been uploaded) or Upload File (to upload a new file from your computer), and click Next.
  3. Browse for the file and choose a folder to upload to.
  4. Click Create Resource.

Note For Power Point presentations, each slide is converted to an image and saved as a separate resource. The new files take the original file name plus the slide number.

To create a new Quicklink resource

  1. From the Insert Quicklink pop-up, select a component type in the Category field.
  2. Select the actual item you want to link to in the Item field.
  3. In the Link Caption field give the link a name for use in the Presentation explorer.
  4. Click Insert.

Create a new web resource

  1. From the New Web Resource pop-up, give your new web resource a name.
  2. Enter the web address you want the resource to start from in the URL field, beginning with http://.
  3. Click OK.

Control how resources are viewed by others

As the moderator you control how resources are viewed in the Canvas/Resource viewer. You must choose a Browse Type from the drop-down list at the bottom of the Presentation explorer.

Hide or unhide a resource

You can control which resources appear in users’ Presentation explorers by right-clicking on the name of the resource and choosing either Hide or Unhide.


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